What is Scoliosis ?

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine abnormally curves. It affects people of all backgrounds, and it has not yet been discovered what the cause of scoliosis is. Information is also available about scoliosis via the NHS UK website.



Remember that everybody's scoliosis looks different and the impacts are not comparable between individuals.

Our organisation specialises in young people who have been surgically treated for Adolescent Idiopathic  Scoliosis. Often shorthanded to AIS.


We also wish to help any young person and child experiencing problems due to medical conditions, not limited to, but specilising in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

This type of scoliosis (AIS) generally appears in tween and teenage years, and is especially common in girls. It is often spotted long after it has developed and doctors do not know what causes it. 


Common Question: Did you do something to get scoliosis?


No, unfortunately, people just get idiopathic adolescent scoliosis.

They have not 

  • Injured themselves

  • Broken their back

  • Carried a shoulder bag at school

  • Worn a heavy backpack

  • Developed it from having poor posture.


Sadly, anybody can get scoliosis. You could say it is down to bad luck.


This type of scoliosis progresses very fast. This means that when it gets severe, young people have to have an operation to have the spine straightened. 

Remember that scoliosis affects people in different ways.


When a young person is diagnosed with scoliosis that requires surgery, they have to join a waiting list. While they are waiting there are many impacts that the condition has on them. These impacts can also occur in people who have scoliosis that don't yet need surgery. Here are some possibilities of problems they might face. The young person may have none, some, all or even extra problems.

The surgery​

Surgery to correct scoliosis is complicated and there is a team of many doctors,  nurses and other medical practitioners that work together. 

This major spinal surgery to correct the spine takes hours  and recovery is long. 



My operation:


  • Took 6.5 hours

  • Spine untwisted and straightened

  • 28 screws and two 22" titanium rods were put in my spine

  • I was intensively cared for, for 6 hours

  • I stayed in the hospital for 7 days

What problems happen after surgery?



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