• Scarlett Aylen

Riding again

Yesterday, after a lot of excitement I got back on a horse and rode properly for the first time since I had spinal surgery! Trotting around the arena on a horse might look pretty basic, but it was a huge step for me.

Not all of my friends know that I used to have horses and rode up until I was 13 as there is minimal evidence of a horsey family in my life right now. I really enjoyed showjumping and dressage, however cross country was never one of my favourites. Sadly I sold my pony and gave up my hobby when I had spinal surgery as the risk was too high for a year for me to ride and it just wasn’t fair on my pony to wait a year for me. She did go to a lovely home though. I also had exams to take and would be riding less. When I did have my pony leading up to the surgery, I was in a lot of pain but did not tell anyone. I found the saddle incredibly difficult to put on my pony, not only because they are heavy but also because you have to lift it up with your arms, and I can’t actually do that with one of my arms! When I put the saddle on yesterday, it was still difficult but I did not have the sharp severe rib pain that I remember so vividly having.

Since I am on a gap year, I decided that it was time to pop myself back on a horse but it felt incredibly different to ride, nothing like it used to feel. I have a new balance to find because I can’t bend my back and found the riding position a lot harder and less natural as well. I have a lot of pain from it today, but no pain no gain and it was one hundred percent worth it! I cannot wait until the spring so I can go ride again and enjoy the sport I loved before I had its enjoyment taken off me because of scoliosis.


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