• Scarlett Aylen

On my travels I have learnt

On my travels I have learnt~ if someone needs a pair of shoes, take yours off and walk away. You can always buy another pair. If you see something that doesn’t look right, stop and help. You might just be saving someone’s life. Think about your small belongings, you don’t think much of them, but they will brighten someone else’s day, and many more to come. Travelling on your own is the best thing you could ever do, it gives you more confidence and freedom than you’d ever imagine. You meet people you would never have met. People you will remember forever. Embrace, smile and listen to the people you meet, the stories you hear and remember the places you visit. They have a bigger impact on you than you think.

I went places, I did things, I thought things and I learnt things. I never imagined I was capable of some of these things I have done this year. Now I know, when faced with it, you can do incredible things, both your mind and your body.


Recovering Confidence After Scoliosis surgery is a new not for profit organisation, founded by Scarlett Aylen in 2018.

 2018 Recovering Confidence After Scoliosis Surgery RCASs. Scarlett Aylen. The United Kingdom.