• Scarlett Aylen

Mighty Maddy!

MIGHTY MADDY! After tracking a journey of 2 weeks, 5000 miles, vans, planes and a lot of people, my envelope finally arrived in the United States. Inside the envelope was a special gift for a beautiful and inspirational girl.

Maddy is an amazing 10 year old girl. Not a day goes by without her beaming at the camera, giggling and having fun. I have been following her for years now thank you to the power of the internet. Maddy was diagnosed with cancer when she was 6. She fought and beat it. 33 months later, but in March this year she relapsed.

Maddy really does show the world that there is always a reason to smile. Every day that she goes for chemotherapy, she happily smiles, jokes and plays around. She is an absolute inspiration. A 10 year old that has been through so much, but she is still so happy. People don’t smile enough.

I sent Maddy a gift I was previously given, but knew it had a more meaningful use and could make someone else’s day. I sent her an autographed photograph of Ariana Grande. I was sent the video of her opening it and her reaction was so beautiful that it made me cry. She loved it so much. I sent her a little letter with the autograph telling her about life in England, and she is very excited to reply and I can’t wait to share it with you too.

After reading this, try and do two things when you see an opportunity. First, smile about the smaller things in life! Don’t be sad about the big things, even if they are horrible. We can all learn from Maddy’s attitude towards life!

Secondly, think of something you can do to make somebody’s day that much better, something that can make them smile and in turn, make you smile. We all have something we can do, but most of us don’t think we are powerful enough to make a difference. The truth is that you are, we all are powerful enough. Every single person.

Let me know what you think you could do to make someone’s day. To see them smile. What will make you feel such large amounts of gratitude and happiness, like the example I have given, when Maddy got my gift.


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