• Scarlett Aylen

Fiji. Not the dream.

Doesn’t life just suck when you’ve got it all sorted, you’re happy and something goes wrong? Thankfully I have amazing family and friends that will do anything to help me. I took a little break from my travelling, and have popped back to the warm and sunny (I brought the weather home with me, some of it anyway...) UK before jumping back down into the Southern Hemisphere for some more travelling, hopefully with a little more luck on my side this time!

Although cut dramatically short, I still managed to get some photos of this small village in Northern Fiji. Raviravi is nestled in the mountains with vast expanses of lush greenery separated by small but colourful tin houses where families of sometimes over double digits, sleep on the floor of their basic but beautifully decorated living areas.

Ten thousand miles, a 25 hour plane transit, 3 hours in a taxi and 1 hour in a truck away from home and I left Fiji with a family that cares about me and said I was welcome to visit whenever I wanted. The adoration for their visitors and each other was amazing for a community that barely knew me. Probably a little difficult to go back and actually visit, but I’m sure I’ll try one day!


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