Contact MMW to ask to set aside tickets for a group of 2-4 friends to go to thorpe park after operation

Merlin's Magic Wand

Merlin's Magic Wand is a charity that provides families of children with medical conditions or other problems, a chance to go experience a Merlin Attraction that is funded by the charity.

Here at RCASs we know how important it is for those who are desperate- to ride rollercoasters when they get the 'go ahead' roughly after 1 year! This is why we have partnered with Merlin's Magic Wand, who provide the young people we want to help, an opportunity to go ride their first 'post-op rollercoasters' on a fun day out at a theme park, funded by the charity.


Recovering Confidence After Scoliosis surgery is a new not for profit organisation, founded by Scarlett Aylen in 2018.

 2018 Recovering Confidence After Scoliosis Surgery RCASs. Scarlett Aylen. The United Kingdom.