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Scoliosis? That sound's scary! You might be feeling a little lost when the doctor tells you that you have scoliosis, or that you may need to have an operation. Please don't panic! There are so many things you can do to help yourself feel better and people to talk to!

RCASs is here to offer patient to patient emotional support in the UK for young people!


From Scarlett 

When I was diagnosed with scoliosis, I had lots of questions and I was very scared about the future. I knew that there was a couple of support networks in place worldwide, but for scoliosis there is only one charity that exists in the UK that is patient centered.


I was upset that I could not independently contact anybody my age with Scoliosis without it being via my Mum and then her having to pay for it. I didn't really want to talk to my Mum about it because she was also freaking out about the diagnosis.


I lost trust in a support network after they told my Mum that my surgery was just cosmetic too, then I had nowhere to turn and neither did my Mum.

Luckily, through a family friend I was put in contact with a girl who was local to me, who I talked to and met up with that had just been through scoliosis surgery. Over the years, this personal network of people like me has increased and I know it is what helped me through the tough time I had.

I don't want anyone to feel as alone as I felt when I could do something to help, so now you can get in touch with me and I will give you as good as advice as I can give.

Please note that our support is purely from personal experience and is not given by any medical professional and is designed to help people using advice from others who have gone through the same thing as they are. 


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Recovering Confidence After Scoliosis surgery is a new not for profit organisation, founded by Scarlett Aylen in 2018.

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